Disaster Recovery: Is Your Business Protected?

Disaster Recovery: Is Your Business Protected?

As businesses have become more reliant on smooth running computer systems, the need for more efficient disaster recovery systems has increased.  "Disaster recovery" is a term for a system or procedures that help recover computing systems to normal operation.  Often, users and administrators are only concerned with the backup of their raw data.  Disaster recovery is designed to help bring systems back online in as timely a manor as possible.  In the case of a disruptive event (system crash, power outage, earthquake), it is imprtant to have back-ups of raw data as well as a competent recovery plan.  There are several types of recovery that may be needed depending on the type of company.  A recovery plan for a business helps to insure business continuity and can save a company time and money.


Bare Metal Restore: This is a feature now fairly common to most backup software (Windows Backup, Symantec Backup Exec, CloneZilla). This type of backup allows you to restore files, operating systems or entire disk volumes "bare metal" or without requiring any installed software on that system. This is typically performed using some form of external bootable media (such as bootable CDs, USB drives, etc). The benefit being that even if partition or entire disk fails, an administrator should be able to boot in a software environment which will allow them to restore the entire contents of the volumes bringing the system back online.


Redundancy: Providing additional or "redundant" server systems for the same service so that, if one fails, the other can be put in place in a reasonably timely fashion. Systems which are typical candidates tend to be email systems, database systems, user management systems, routers and even Internet services. The way in which redundancy is implemented can vary greatly from situation to situation, but it is an important thing to consider if your business relies heavily on such an application or service.


Disaster Recover Plan: This is not so much a technical process as it is procedural.  A disaster recovery plan is simply having a written set of documents which outline the company’s procedures for bringing operations back online in the event of a disaster. These documents may include topics such as “how to bring email and file sharing back online should the building burn down” or “how to continue working should the Internet go down for an extended period of time.” This is crucial for a company because it allows for employees to know to how to respond in the case of emergency.  The plan is developed in order to allow for a more self-sufficient system.


How Contoured Solutions can help: At Contoured Solutions we are able to help be the service provider that develops and updates a disaster recovery plan specific to your company.  In the case of difficulty assessing recovery needs, Contoured Solutions is able to determine the extent of needs, and major issues that need to be addressed on a company particular basis.


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