Mobile Device Security- Is your Data Safe?

Mobile Device Security- Is your Data Safe?

Companies are familiar with the encryption of data on their desktops in the office as well as data that moves across the Internet, but what about employee mobile devices?  With an increase in usage of laptops, tablets, and smart phones the risk of information getting out is becoming a greater concern.  Huge amounts of damage can be done if a laptop is stolen and there is no security to keep sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.  Things like credit card numbers, bank account information, or health information can all be at risk if mobile devices are not properly protected.  The answer to this problem is mobile device encryption. In short, it is encrypting the raw data on a particular mobile device so as to make it reasonably secure should it fall into the wrong hands. Mobile device encryptions keeps devices secure through the usage of key or pass codes enabling only users with this information access to the device.  Mobile device encryption helps to keep companies accountable to policies such as HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley which by law require the privacy of certain information. In the case of a law suit or audit, encryption on mobile devices supports the case of the company, and in the long run can prove extremely helpful. Privacy of personal information of clients, investors, or the company as a whole is crucial to protect both in and out of the office.  


One example of a mobile device encryption option for a laptop is Bitlocker, which is built-into Windows 7 Professional Edition and higher. Bitlocker encrypts the information in an operating system through a script change function. Encryption keys for Bitlocker can be stored at a remote external location, and in the case of a lost, stolen, or unattended laptop even temporary or files in hibernation are kept secure. Before the operating system boots, Bitlocker requests the encryption key and will only decrypt and boot the system once the key is provided. Another example of this type of system encryption is TrueCrypt which is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is important when choosing a laptop encryption program to check compatibility and extent of encryption. Determining the potential performance hit to your laptop is another consideration.

External Hard Drives

Company specific information may only be stored on a hard drive, which in some cases can create and easier option for encryption. A simple solution may be a hard drive protection box which physically covers the hard drive. Another option is a hard drive with a built in padlock.  Aegis makes a hard drive with a code on the exterior of the surface that unlocks the device only with the knowledge of the key. Either of these options can help to secure a hard drive with critical information. 

Smart Phones/Tablets:

Most iPhones, iPads and Android devices have encryption options which will encrypt the contents of the device and require a user to enter an encryption key before the device starts. Environments that use Microsoft Exchange can require this from users who wish to connect to their work email via their mobile device. There are also mobile apps such as McAfee WaveSecure and Find My iPhone that allow users to track and, if needed, remotely wipe their phone/tablet data. This can be particularly important if the device is lost or stolen. When choosing a smart phone or tablet security solution it is important to know whether the solution offers full or partial encryption and if they allow the user the ability to track or simply remotely wipe their device.

How Contoured Solutions can help 

It is our goal at Contoured Solutions to be able to identify security holes that your company may have and find the proper solutions in order to meet those needs. Security is a major concern for many businesses, and we want to help protect your company from security concerns that can potentially compromise your business. Call us today for a consultation and let our friendly experts help protect your business today.