We have partnered with Allworx to bring you the perfect phone system for your small business needs.  After years of experience with many different phone manufacturers,  Allworx has come to be our preferred phone system.  The Allworx product line offers great features, reliable equipment, flexibility, and most importantly affordability.  

Unlike other major IP phone systems, Allworx was designed with small businesses in mind.  They offer small but powerful systems for companies that only have a few employees.  However, these systems were developed with growth and scalability in mind and can support multiple locations with up 1000 users. Click here for more information on the Allworx product line. 

We match Allworx's powerful IP phone system with our expertise and high level of customer service in order to fullfill your business needs.  Our techs are Allworx certified and have extensive experience with various systems and business scenarios.  We provide a responsive and personal service, which means our techs will be there when you need them.  We are even available for weekend and after-hours appointments. Contact Us today for more information.

This award winning phone system provides an exciting array of features.

Voice Over Internet Presence Management
Advanced Multi-site Automatic Call Distribution
Conference Calling Dual Language Support
Unified Messaging Call Parking

For those unfamiliar with Allworx, it’s a powerful PBX phone system that was created with small to medium sized businesses in mind.  Allworx provides a feature-rich system that was engineered for ease of use.  Functions like conference calling and voicemail are extremely easy to use and require no programming by end users.  Allworx even lets you work from home--setting up a remote phone is simple and doesn’t incur additional fees.  Allworx phone systems are designed around flexibility & cost savings and the techs here at Contoured Solutions can assist you in finding the perfect communications solution for your business needs.  Pretty much the only thing this phone system won’t do is call your spouse to tell them when you’ll be home for dinner.

 A quick review of the features your business will enjoy include: 

Presence Management - Users can set easily managing call routing.  Out to lunch or in a meeting? Calls can automatically be forwarded to your cell phone, voicemail or another available agent. 
Programmable Function Keys - Customize your phone’s keys any way you like! Manage your presences, speed-dials, call appearances and an array of other functions. 
Auto Attendant - Setup Auto Attendant to automatically answer the phone and direct callers to the appropriate department.  For small businesses, the Auto Attendant gives the impression of a much larger company.

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