BackupAssist is a comprehensive suite of backup tools and software for Windows servers. 

You and your employees all work on different computers, but your server is what keeps everyone on the same page. Accessing applications, sharing files, and storing work are vital to your business, and all are core functions of a shared server. Relying on manual, individual backups is a huge risk—if anyone slips, everyone is affected.  

Specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses, BackupAssist integrates and enhances existing backup tools in the Windows operating system, and eases important decisions by guiding you step-by-step through what to backup, where to backup, and when to backup. BackUpAssists’ flexible pricing means you only pay for what you use, and the easy-to-use Restore and Centralized Administration Console allow you to coordinate fast, simple, and reliable backups of your Windows Servers, applications, data, and systems...automatically!

Features include:

  • In the event your server goes down, you can now get back in business quickly with “Bare-metal” restoration which slashes recovery time by eliminating the need to re-install operating systems and other applications.
  • Granular backup and recovery for Microsoft exchange servers which saves time and resources.  Rather than having to restore an entire database or PST file, BackupAssist allows you to restore individual mail items that are new or have been changed.
  • Maintains the continuity of your databases with SQL server backup management.
  • Rsync based file backup which utilizes less bandwidth by only modifying data at the byte level rather than sending entire files over your network.
  • An intuitive home screen to navigate and monitor every available option.
  • A Jobs Calendar to give you an overview of your backup schedule, and reorganize as needed. 
  • A variety of options for diverse backup jobs: systems, servers, applications, data, and more.
  • Optional add-ons, upgrades, and renewals that grow along with your business
  • Tailored scheme selections to provide daily and retroactive backups with convenient labeling and organization.
  • Options to create, manage, monitor and report on your backups in real time both locally and remotely.
  • Ability to store backups in different formats and on different locations, improving recovery probability and backup times—backup to the cloud, disk drive, separate server, even DVD-roms and USB drives.

All features are easily managed from the Central Console, giving you a birds-eye-view of backup jobs, both previous and scheduled, and their locations. As an authorized BackupAssist provider, a Contoured Solutions professional can guide you through the installation & setup process, and provide personalized feedback & support.

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