Security isn’t just about deflecting pesky pop ups anymore. The degree to which we live and work online, coupled with recent developments in the diversity and sophistication of hacking techniques [should be a hyperlink to the Hackers article] means comprehensive internet security should be a standard concern for every computer user; from individuals and families to local businesses and multinational corporations. 

Aside from standard encryption protocols and firewalls, Contoured Solutions offers an assortment of security solutions. Basic penetration testing can be performed to check the current state of your system’s security measures.  An intrusion detection system can be installed that will monitor network traffic in real-time looking for any suspicious activity.  A user control audits can be used to verify which users within your organization have access to secured or confidential resources.

Blocking hackers and malware is only one aspect of security. Monitoring and recording physical actions that take place on your personal computer or network is the best way to identify internal threats from dishonest employees, and protect children from accessing objectionable content online. 

Based on your needs, we can provide you with the best in information security. Here is a brief list of products that we use and highly reccomend:

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus — Our reccomended End Point security solution
  • RPD Guard — The best choice for protecting you remote access environment
  • Rapid SSL — SSL Certificates are a must for any website where information is shared
  • Spam Soap — Perfect for keeping spam under control
  • SpectorSoft — A comprehensive family of products for monitoring and reporting.

Whatever your concerns, Contoured Solutions can create a security profile tailored to your family or business. Feel free to browse our products and services, or contact a Contoured Solutions representative if you have questions—we’re happy to help.

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