Rapid SSL


Rapid SSL is a trusted Certificate Authority specializing in SSL and web security technologies. Ever wonder why some URLs begin with http:// and others with https://? The “s” is a sign that the website is protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. SSL technology was developed by Netscape to create secure connections on websites where sensitive information is entered. SSL Certificates are small data files consisting of a paired public/private encryption key that digitally binds a server to a specific browser, ensuring the safety and privacy of any information shared to that server. This means that when customers input their credit card number to make a purchase, or enter their email to sign up for a newsletter, the information will be visible to the server and no one else.  

Whether your site is running an online store or registration and contact forms, SSL Certificates are essential for establishing trust with your users and protecting their information. Any piece of data can possibly be seen by others if it’s not encrypted. Once the SSL protocol is installed on your server, RapidSSL uses an automated validation process to quickly verify control of your domain name, generating visual cues that let users know their information is protected by a secure connection.

SSL Certificates are a must for any website where information is shared, and Rapid SSL total encryption..

●     Ensures the identity of a remote computer

●     Proves your identity to a remote computer

●     Protects e-mail messages

●     Allows data to be signed with the current time

●     Allows data on disk to be encrypted

●     Allows secure communication on the Internet

SSL certificates are not only useful for protecting your transactions over the web, but can also be used to protect your internal network. They can be used to verify transactions from within your intranet and can even be used to create an extremely secure VPN.  The team at Contoured Solutions can assist you in making full use of this powerful and secure technology.

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