IT Services That Fit Your Needs

Managed Services

desdContoured Solutions offers total management services of your organization’s IT infrastructure, with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance as well as flexible plans that let you choose the levels of service that suit you. Desktops, servers, email hosting, security, hardware installation… whether you’d like to pick your services à la carte or go with full support, we can handle any and every aspect of your IT. Contoured Solutions Managed Services are designed to grow along with your business, adapt to changing needs, and give you peace of mind. We’ll work with you to understand, budget, and manage your IT operations so that you can focus on what’s important. →Learn More


desdThe search for a telecommunications service can be daunting, but at Countoured Solutions, we deliver comprehensive services at competitive rates, offering a wide array of telecommunications products to complement and integrate with our other management services. →Learn More

Computer Managment

desdYour network is a complex system of hardware and software, and good computer services and maintenance are the key to keeping everything running smoothly. If you're experiencing random drops in connection, reseting your equipment on a regular basis or just noticing a general slowness in your network, Contoured Solutions can help identify and correct the causes of these issues before they become serious problems. Don't wait for minor issues to become major ones instead let us be your IT services provider. →Learn More


Network Managment

desdA network is the glue which holds your entire communication infrastructure together. We have the knowledge and skill not only to service and maintain your network, but help plan and build it right, setting a foundation for ease of operation in the future. Don't wait until your Internet access dies or you can no longer reach your server. Call today to speak with a tech professional about your needs. →Learn More