Managed Services


Imagine a complete IT department at your service, at your fingertips.

Contoured Solutions offers total management services of your organization’s IT infrastructure, with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance as well as flexible plans that let you choose the levels of service that suit you. Desktops, servers, email hosting, security, hardware installation… whether you’d like to pick your services à la carte or go with full support, we can handle any and every aspect of your IT. Contoured Solutions Managed Services are designed to grow along with your business, adapt to changing needs, and give you peace of mind. We’ll work with you to understand, budget, and manage your IT operations so that you can focus on what’s important. 

Bundled Service Time

Want to make sure all of your bases are covered, but don’t want to pay for unused services? 

Contoured Solutions offers made-to-measure service plans that “bundle” a fixed number of service hours for one low monthly rate, giving you access to a range of IT solutions without the stress of piecemeal pricing. In the event of a disaster or long-term project, a BST plan allows you to request additional service hours at a discount from our normal rate. Plans typically consist of one to four scheduled visits per month, depending on your individual needs and the number of hours you’d like to bundle. Of course, a smoothly-running IT system is its own reward, but as a bonus, any unused BST can be rolled over for up to two months! Contact a Contoured Solutions professional today for details and rates.

24x7 Monitoring/Maintenance

Just like cars, computer networks and servers need regular tune ups in order to run smoothly. Working with top-of-the-line service agent software, our monitoring and maintenance services can track the health and upkeep of your network around the clock, provide scheduled automated maintenance, and allow us to quickly respond to any problems in your system.

Monitoring service watches out for:

  • Server and workstation uptime, system stability 
  • Internet outages
  • Hardware utilization, memory, hard disk space, etc
  • Hardware failures, hard drives, RAID systems, power issues, etc.
  • Temperature, in case your systems are getting too hot
  • Backup status provides notification in the event of a backup failure
  • Anti-virus stats, helps keep AV software present and up to date, ensures databases are up to date and alerts us if viruses are found
  • System performance for both hardware and software
  • Application crashes
  • Software asset tracking and reporting.

Maintenance service includes:

  • Scheduling and application of software updates including Windows, Mac OS, as well as updates to third-party applications such as Adobe Flash and Acrobat
  • System cleanup, cleanup of temporary files and other OS “junk”, 
  • Defragmentation of system drives
  • Backup services, both onsite as well as remote or “cloud” based.
  • Regular system reboots
  • Cleanup and maintenance of database systems including MS Exchange and MS SQL Server systems.

We even offer Comprehensive Service Plans that include both Monitoring and Maintenance, so your network is covered from every angle. We know every organization is different. If you’re ready for honest, reliable, and flexible IT management, we’d love to help take a load off your mind. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Contoured Solutions representative today.

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